Since its establishment, University of Prishtina International Summer University has played an important role in the internationalization of higher education in Kosova. UPISU has managed to bring young people together from different countries around the world, without distinction of any kind, such as language, culture, colour or religion, fostering the development of academic and scientific capacities. Thus, the result is a starting point for students to form new friendships and foster the development of professional cooperation.

The aim of the establishment of Summer University is to bring international students and professors together in this part of the Western Balkan region in order to allow for an exchange of their experiences and knowledge from their study fields.
Prishtina Summer University also aims to establish and expand the cooperation between the University of Prishtina and international universities.

In addition, summer school aims are:

1. To provide an opportunity for students to attend specific courses that are not part of the curriculum and that fulfil the additional knowledge in their respective field;
2. To provide an opportunity for students to get extra credits toward graduation;
3. To develop students’ academic performances by the best local and international lecturers;

Our vision is to develop a school in accordance with standards and the most advanced teaching and learning methods, in a two-week period.
UPISU believes that all students should have access to multidisciplinary summer teaching programs that help to enrich and supplement the knowledge and skills acquired during the regular studies, as well as to encourage academic achievement and development.
This summer school will provide new programs that actively engage students and professors, by making the summer program an essential component of all effort of promoting cooperation and intercommunication, exchanging ideas, thoughts, knowing new cultures and, above all, sharing academic experiences between participants of this school, already traditional in the University of Prishtina.
In previous editions, the Summer University was attended by 5.000 students and 400 local and international teachers.