The 14th edition of the University of Prishtina International Summer University will be held on the University of Prishtina campus, from July 7 to July 18, 2014. 20 courses in different fields of study are scheduled to be held during this two-week period.
UPISU is open to all students and academic staff of universities and scientific institutes of all countries of the world.
In this summer edition, about 350 students will be admitted, 150 of them will be international students, among them a significant number from Eastern Europe and the countries of the region: Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova and Romania.
The rest of the participants are students from the University of Prishtina, including a small number of students from other institutions of higher education in the Republic of Kosova.

Courses and teachers

20 courses/seminars in various areas of study, such as social science, law, economics, agriculture, mining and metallurgical, technical, arts, medicine, gender, as well as public discussions/panels and other recreational activities will be held during the 13th edition of the International Summer University. Courses will have modern literature (approximately 25 copies per course), which will be available to the students of PISU.

The number of professors will be equal to the number of courses / seminars, one course unit per international teacher and a local teacher (as collaborators). For professors who are interested in being part of this project, it is necessary to have professional knowledge of the English language (in order to lecture in English), and high scientific qualifications.

Certificates and ECTS credits

Participants/students, who attend at least 80% of classes and pass exams, will receive ECTS credits through "The Certificate of Prishtina International Summer University". This certificate includes the description of the course, student ECTS credits, and grades.
The certificate declares the name of the participants and will be signed by the visiting professor of UPISU and the co-professor. Certificates are designed according to the Bologna standards.

* English will be the language of communication in all courses at the Prishtina International Summer University.

Public forums/workshops

Public forums, which raise debates over various socio-economic problems of society, will be part of the Summer University. During the Summer University, at least one open forum with students and participants will be organized. Important figureheads from our country will be invited to share their knowledge with students.